General questions

How can I register for a photo shoot?
We are reachable by phone, on email or via messages sent through our homepage. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to respond to any question or enquiry.

How long does it take to get the pictures after the photo shoot?
We deliver the ready and retouched digital or paper photos in 10 days after the shoot. In case you would like to obtain them earlier, we can agree on special arrangements.

How will I be able to access my photos?
The final photos will be accessible in high resolution jpg format in a password protected online gallery from which you can download them. We are also happy to hand over the pictures on a CD if you so wish. Paper photos are usually delivered in person or via post.

Where are the pictures taken?
The photo shoot can happen in our studio, in your home or in an outside location. This is subject to individual agreement between you and us.

How to choose what to wear for the photo shoot?
It depends on the topic of the photo shoot. In general, you should wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Please try to avoid wearing checkered and striped clothes, as well as garments with very small patterns as they can be very disturbing in the final pictures. If there are more of you coming for the photo session, please try to harmonise the colours and the style of your clothes. Blue jeans with white or black tops are the evergreen choice, it’s always worth having them with you.


Babies’ photo shoot

At what age do you usually take pictures of babies?
For newborn photo shoots, in an ideal case, these should take place within two weeks after the birth. This might sound scary, especially if you are expecting your first baby, however this is the period when they sleep a lot and hardly notice anything from the photo shoot, it is easy to dress them up and place them into different positions.

Obviously, we are not only doing newborn photography, you can contact us at any age of your children. The early moments of sitting up, the first steps and of course the first birthday are all fantastic occasions for a photo session!

Are the pictures taken in a studio or in their home environment?
We welcome babies and their parents in our studio, and obviously we are happy to come and visit you in your home as well. In both cases, we adjust our working style to the baby’s needs and comfort, we work with soft materials and silent background music. We always provide the right temperature for them with the help of heaters.

How long does the session last?
The newborn photo shoot is a time consuming activity. It lasts approximately 2-3 hours but can go even longer. This is because we need to follow the baby’s rhythm – we patiently wait for him to finish eating, calm down and fall into deep sleep.

What should I bring to the shoot and who should accompany me?
You will be able to choose from a collection of beautiful knitted accessories (headband, diaper cover, panties, blanket, tutu, etc.) for your baby and of course, feel free to bring along your favourite garments that you would like to see your baby wear on his / her first photographs. For newborn photo shoots, feel free to bring along Daddy and any big brothers and sisters too.


Maternity photo shoot

What is the most ideal period to shoot the belly?
It is advisable to wait until the belly is large and round, and while the photo shoot is not too difficult for the future mother. This is why we usually recommend the 7th or 8th month of the pregnancy for maternity photography. Naturally, this can vary by individual (especially in case of pregnancy with twins).

What shall I take with me to the photo shoot?
There will be plenty of accessories to choose from, at the same time, it can be useful if you bring along a few items that you like (e.g. a small pair of shoes, a label with his / her name, etc.) Please bring with yourself a pair of comfortable jeans and a black top, maybe also a shirt from your spouse’s wardrobe. It is preferable that you wear a bra without straps, ideally nude or black. Needless to say that Daddy is more than welcome on the belly shoot!


Wedding photo shoot

Is it possible to request a photo shoot for any part of the wedding?
Yes! Depending on your wish, we can help with capturing the preparation, the ceremony, the dinner or the celebration into the night. And of course, we are happy to take beautiful photos of the young couple and the family, friends as soon as you are engaged. Should you wish to create memories of yourselves as an engaged couple prior to getting married, please do not hesitate to call!

Should you have any further questions or enquiries, feel free to contact us!